About the release of the next version of the Database for Radioactive Substance Monitoring Data

The Database for Radioactive Substance Monitoring Data has been renewed.
The old site will be published as it is, but the data will be updated on the new site.

Environmental Monitoring Data

Radioactive substances released to the atmosphere by the Fukushima Daiichi NPP accident were eventually deposited on the land of Japan and contaminated ground soil, forests, ocean, and rivers. Data here are results of radioactive substance monitoring conducted by the various organizations including national government, local governments, and power companies to investigate the situation with regards to the dispersion of radioactive substances.

Geographical Information

To support analysis related to distribution of radioactive substances, geographical information including elevation, soil, vegetation, land-use, and accumulated snow status were collected and organized. To compare or analyze under unified standard, these geographical data were created with 100 m × 100 m grids that the Standard Grid Squares (Third Area Partitions) were subdivided into squares with a side of 100m.