Summary of survey

  1. The analysis results show radiation (Bq) per unit area (m2).
  2. Sampling points were located in the southwest of Fukushima City approximately 73 km from the Fukushima Dai-ichi NPP. Sampling points were selected from three ecosystems with different land uses (agricultural land, grass land and forest) within a 2 km x 2 km square. A total of 15 sampling points of which 6 points were of agricultural land (upland field 3 points, paddy field 1 point and orchard 2 points), 4 points of grass land (pasture 3 points and lawn 1 point) and 5 points of forest (broad-leaved tree dominant 3 points and needle-leaved tree dominant 2 points) were chosen.
  3. Soil samplings were conducted once before rainy season and once after rainy season (total twice). Using core samplers (diameter 9.5 cm and depth 25 cm) , soil from surface to a depth of 20 cm were sampled. Vegetation (agricultural area or grass land) or litter (forest) covering the top soil were removed to obtain soil samples and vegetation / litter were also sampled separately.
  4. Radioactivity concentration and error show decay-compensated values as of June 14, 2011.
  5. ND in the columns "Radioactivity Concentration" and "-" in the column "Error": Nuclide analysis results were below the detection limit.
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