Summary of survey

  1. This survey was conducted in order to ascertain the mechanism of outflow of radioactive substances from forest watersheds quantitatively.
  2. The analysis results of radioactive cesium in suspended matter or coarse organic matter show radiation (Bq) per unit dry weight (kg) , and dissolved radioactive cesium show radiation (Bq) per unit water volume (L).
  3. Radioactivity concentrations, errors, and detection limit values show decay-compensated values from measurement to sampling.
  4. Regarding 134Cs and 137Cs, "ND" in the column "Radioactivity Concentration", "-" in the column "Error", and Detection limit values in the column "Detection limit": The peak of relevant nuclide was not clearly detected, or calculated radioactivity concentration was equal to or below 0.0. Reference value in the column "Radioactivity Concentration" and Detection limit in the column "Detection limit": The peak of the relevant nuclide was detected even though the calculated radioactivity concentration was below detection limit.
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